Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcyclists are much more likely to face serious injury after an accident than a passenger in a moving car, and these types of injuries are unfortunately on the rise. Because motorcycles have few features that shield riders from getting struck, the types of medical costs motorcyclists will be facing have the potential to be much greater than for other types of accident victims.

If a motorcyclist is seriously injured or permanently disabled, they could lose out on the ability to make a living and may require recurring treatment – and those costs will quickly add up.

Too many drivers fail to respect motorcyclists’ rights, but a competent motorcycle accident lawyer won’t let them get away with it. If you are a motorcycle rider who has been injured in a crash, stand up for your rights and get the compensation you deserve by consulting with an experienced attorney.


Too often, motorcycle riders are deemed to be responsible, in part, for an accident. Drivers may claim that the motorcyclist was going too fast, was weaving in and out lanes or was operating the bike in an unsafe manner that caused them to get hit. A motorcycle accident victim who is ruled to be partially at fault won’t be eligible for the compensation they need.

If law enforcement authorities or investigators for the insurance company are attempting to hold you responsible when you were the victim, don’t let your settlement dwindle without putting up a fight! The ways in which a motorcycle accident attorney can help you prove your innocence and make a case for compensation include:

Determining who was at fault

An experienced motorcycle accident attorney knows that drivers who tailgate, who fail to check blind spots or who don’t respect a motorcycle’s right to share the road are often the cause of a crash – not the motorcyclist. When it comes to establishing fault, a lawyer can turn to outside experts and inspectors who will be able to testify about what truly happened in your case.

Evaluating road conditions

A government entity may be responsible if a poorly maintained road contributed in any way to your motorcycle accident. This could include potholes or other hazards that caused you to crash, or a poorly designed road that prevented drivers from seeing you. If the road or the conditions of the road are to blame for a motorcycle accident, a skilled attorney will know how to meet strict filing deadlines so you don’t lose out on the opportunity to file a claim.

Inspecting the motorcycle for defects

Malfunctioning motorcycle parts are a significant danger for bikers. Whether you experienced defective brakes, or a safety feature didn’t function properly when you needed it most, you’ll need to have your motorcycle inspected for product liability. Motorcycle manufacturers are legally responsible for making their products safe for riders or for warning them if parts are known to fail. If they have not, you may be able to pursue a claim against them that could help you recover after a devastating crash.

Formulating a long-term diagnosis

Because the injuries that occur to a rider after a crash are often serious, it is important to evaluate how much medical treatment may end up costing you in the future. Insurance companies often ignore this crucial factor when offering a payout. By reviewing medical records and speaking with your doctor, your motorcycle accident attorney will be able to get out in front of the insurance company’s claims adjusters, who will try to get away with merely reimbursing you for the medical costs you have been paid. Whether you are going to require additional surgeries, follow-up doctor’s appointments or in-home medical care because of your injuries, you’ll need the help of a lawyer when it comes to assessing your future costs and arguing for compensation for them.


If you’re a motorcyclist who was hurt in a crash, don’t delay in taking your case to a reputable motorcycle accident attorney before important evidence is lost. Determining the responsible parties and holding them accountable will require an investigation and it is best to get started right away.

In addition, you’ll want to make sure you have adequate legal representation should the other driver involved attempt to label you responsible or file a claim against you for allegedly operating your bike in an unsafe manner. Protect yourself from any further losses after a motorcycle accident by choosing an experienced personal injury lawyer who will hold drivers, manufacturers or even government entities responsible for their actions.